HDFC’s Whistle Blowing Policy is intended to serve as a channel of corporate fraud risk management. The policy will allow any HDFC Team Member who has a legitimate concern on an existing or potential “misconduct”, done by any person within the Company to come forward voluntarily, and bring such concern to the notice of an independent designated authority in a responsible and effective manner without fear of retaliation and or identification.

The mechanism adopted by the Company encourages the whistle blower to report genuine concerns and provides for adequate safeguards against victimization of whistle blower who avails of such mechanism. HDFC accepted whistle blowing as a strong mechanism against corruptions, malpractices and irregularities and four member committee is formed to accept and analyse whistle-blower compliance.

How to raise a concern

Stakeholders who wish to raise a whistleblowing concern can raise their concerns by email hdfcwhistleblowing@hdfc.com.mv or Whistleblowers can submit in writing in a sealed envelope addressed to the Managing Director /Compliance Officer of HDFC.

You can also raise a concern by filling the form below, and clicking the submit button.

In raising a whistleblowing report, you consent that your data provided will be processed and handled for the purpose of investigating the report. Any personal information that is provided by you will be collected and processed in full confidentiality and in accordance with HDFC’s Whistleblower Policy and relevant Laws and regulations.