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Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) PLC. Established in January 2004, is the only specialized housing finance institution in the Maldives. Our mission is to offer financial and social strength to all Maldivians by providing home loans and other savings and investment products managed professionally and profitably to the highest international standards, and to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

In accordance with our business plans, HDFC PLC always look for the right candidate who can provide strategic and operational leadership to the company in the capacity of operational staff to Managerial functions mainly for Credit analysis, construction projects monitoring and evaluation, Accounting, Treasury management, in addition opportunities in other general areas include, office administration, IT, Legal.

If you are open to moving between roles, functions and businesses, you will find interesting opportunities for development with us. We encourage our employees to drive their career and take on new challenges in order to grow.

Why Work with Us?

As the only mortgage housing institution in Maldives, join us today for we:

- Provide an opportunity to make a real impact

- Embrace a growth mindset

- Aim towards Sustainability

- Standardize & Benchmark the Industry

- Adapt and integrate the latest technology