Housing Development Finance Corporation believe that no organization can make sustainable development without the patronage from the society. HDFC is committed in the integration of social and environmental concerns in its business operations and also in the interactions with its stakeholders. The Company shall continue to have among its objectives, the growth of the national economy and shall continue to be mindful of its social and moral responsibilities to customers, shareholders, employees, and society. HDFC is committed to financing developmental activities of the nation with concern for education, health, economic development, and environment. CSR is a continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.

Our CSR Vision

HDFC’s CSR vision is to contribute to the social and economic development of the community. Through a series of interventions, the Company seeks to mainstream economically, physically, and socially vulnerable groups and to draw them into the cycle of growth, development, and empowerment. The Company’s strategy is to integrate its activities in community development, social responsibility and environmental responsibility and encourage our business to include these considerations into our operations whether directly or in participation or in association with another party.

Sustainability at HDFC

HDFC adopts a holistic approach towards sustainability and strives to pro-actively embed sustainability thinking and practices at every level of its business. The sustainability philosophy, strategy and objectives are clearly articulated in the organisations culture and each and every one is responsible for ensuring the organization-wide implementation of the same. The Company’s sustainability vision is to create sustainable shared value by delivering economic, environmental, and social benefits while the values stress on integrating sustainability into every business decision, reducing the carbon footprint, implementing strategic CSR activities, and nurturing a culture of sustainability through training and development. In 2021 we invested in programs and initiatives focused on creating economic opportunity for underserved communities.

Promoting Responsible Finance and Green Finance

We continue to promote responsible lending by educating new recruits and employees on the ethics of responsible lending, which encompass the social and environmental impact of lending. Both these aspects are assessed before a lending decision is made. Accordingly, compliance to all relevant environmental regulations, including EIA reports of our end-user financing projects and the impact on the environment from our business operations are assessed prior to approval.

HDFC in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy has exchanged high level talks and working sessions with the Ministry’s technical team on how we can incorporate green products in our facilities. We are also working with HDC and other Developers to promote green financing to make their projects more environment friendly products for our end-user customers.


HDFC is always willing to contribute to the improvement of living standards in the Maldives and will continue to push the sustainable lending agenda through greater stakeholder engagement. Even though the number of people demanding for housing is expected to continue to increase structurally in the coming years, HDFC will continue to push the sustainable lending agenda through greater stakeholder engagement. Meanwhile we will continue to avoid, minimise, and mitigate our environmental impact through greater emphasis on green financing, by reviewing our environmental and social management system and by striving to reduce our carbon footprint through more responsible consumption of resources.