Uz. Ahmed Sameen

Shari'ah Officer

Uz Ahmed Sameen, a graduate of Al-Azhar University, is a qualified Islamic scholar and lawyer with a strong background in Islamic finance and Shariah. He brings over 8 years of experience in Islamic law, education, and financial services to HDFC. Uz Sameen has a proven track record in Islamic finance, having served as the Senior Manager - Islamic Finance & Shariah at Housing Development Finance Corporation PLC (HDFC) since January 2024. In this role, he safeguards HDFC Amna (Islamic finance window) operations, shapes Shariah-compliant products, and fosters a culture of Shariah awareness and compliance. Previously, he held the position of Shariah Compliance Manager at Bank of Maldives PLC, where he ensured Shariah compliance of the Islamic banking window. Mr. Sameen is a passionate educator with experience delivering instruction at various academic tiers. He has also served as an academic instructor at Maldives National University, Islamic University of Maldives, Villa College, and MI College, teaching subjects in Islamic Jurisprudence, Sociology, Islamic Studies, and Islamic Finance.