Farewell to Ms. Raheema Saleem

29th February 2024 marks the end of an incredible 20 years of service offered by Ms. Raheema Saleem to HDFC. Ms. Raheema Saleem was a key player of the core team that joined during the inception of the company in 2004.

From the first loan approved by HDFC to the inauguration of its Islamic Financing wing – AMNA and other key achievements, she played a pivotal role to steer into the company’s vision of providing decent & affordable homes and uplift the living standards of all Maldivians.

Ms. Raheema Saleem is also a remarkable woman who demonstrated confidence, integrity, and defied stereotypes to lead in the financial sector of Maldives. Her career exemplifies the power of resilience, determination, and commitment to make an inspiring impact to all women seeking to break new grounds in the modern corporate world.

On behalf of all staff, stakeholders, and the board, we thank Ms. Raheema Saleem for the extraordinary commitment, invaluable dedication, and supportive guidance extended as the managing director, a colleague, and a friend to us. We wish the very best to her future endeavors and engagements.

May Allah SWA grant her prosperous, healthy and happy years ahead! Aameen!