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EOI – Marketing Consultancy Services

HDFC seeks competent individuals/firms with necessary technical capacity to register interest by submitting Expression of Interest for the provision of “Marketing Consultancy Services” as per the scope below.


  • Develop and Design graphic templates / artworks for social media for the following categories:

a. Announcement posts

  1. Job vacancy posts
  2. Procurement posts
  3. Celebratory Days

b. Product promotional posts

  • Provide promotional materials of HDFC products and Services including:
  1. Photographs for product promotion
  2. Video clips for product promotion
  3. Video templates for presentations, reports, etc.

An estimated quantity for deliverables is below:

1Artworks for Announcement Posts(Job vacancy, Procurement Announcement, etc.)3 Templates per annum
2Celebratory Days13 Artworks per annum
3Video clips for product promotions6 Clips per annum
4Product Promotion Artworks2 Artworks per month
5Print Media Templates(Including Flyers, banners, business cards, backdrops for events such as AGM, Living Expo, etc.)As required

Submission and Instructions

The following documents should be submitted along with the proposals:

  1. Proposal with quotation
  2. Design portfolio or profile / Curriculum Vitae of individual
  3. Registration Certificate / ID card of individual
  4. Reference letters or other supporting documents

Applicants may obtain further information from the following contact:

Assistant Manager, Business Development & Marketing3000136

Duration of Contract

The duration will be for a period of 1 Year (12 months)

Evaluation Criteria


*Best proposal will not be determined based on the price submitted.

Terms and Conditions

HDFC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to accept any proposal that it may consider to be in the best interest of the company.

HDFC shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions in any part of this EOI. The information contained in the EOI is supplied solely as a guideline. The information is not guaranteed or warranted to be accurate by the HDFC, nor is it necessarily comprehensive or exhaustive.

HDFC assumes no responsibility or liability for the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of any information provided in this EOI.

Conflict of Interest

The selected party shall hold matters including its contents or materials obtained in the course of services to HDFC as strictly confidential and shall not disclose the same to anyone without prior written consent, unless obliged by law, in which case, the party must inform of such disclosure in a timely manner.

The party shall avoid all matters that could raise a potential conflict of interest, and advice the Institute beforehand on any potential or apparent conflict of interest.

Invitation and Deadline for Submission of Expressions of Interest (EOI) & Quotation

Interested individuals/firms are requested to express interest by submitting proposals no later than 31 December 2023, 1430hrs to the following address. HDFC will only respond to the selected firm/individual.